Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We All Lost

Forty eight percent of the United States population does not agree with nor want their country led or represented by Mr. Bush. That's not exactly something to be proud of, nor ignored. Yet that is exactly what Mr. Bush did for four years and will undoubtedly do for the next four years.

Does the shunning of half of the population's wants and needs constitute a fair and balanced agenda? Does it embody the sense of fair play that makes this country so great? No, it does not.

Would I be a happier citizen of these United States if Mr. Bush had won by a decisive margin? Of course; we all would be. Yet the divison between us is painfully obvious.

Even so, Mr. Bush and the Republican Party have knowingly alienated half of this country, and they do nothing to appease or attempt to heal the divide between the nation.

That, plain and simple, is not the sign of a great (dare I say good) leader no matter how hard or fast you spin it.

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