Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Movies I Want To See At A Theater Near Me...

...but will probably just end up renting instead (in no particular order):

  • The Incredibles (96%) because I'm a kid at heart.
  • The Ring Two (pending release) because I enjoyed the first movie, so what the heck.
  • The Grudge (35%) because it reminds me of The Ring.
  • The Life Aquatic (pending release) because all things Bill Murray are good.
  • National Treasure (41%) because I believe the Da Vinci Code is real.
  • Saw (47%) because I'm a sick mother effer.
  • Blade Trinity (33%) because I like to think of Wesley Snipes as being one of my black friend(s).
  • Series of Unfortunate Events (pending release) because Jim Carey reminds me of me when I was twelve.
  • Sky Captain (74%) because I want a hover car and house robot already!
  • Batman Begins (pending release) because I am actually Batman and want to laugh at the parts they got wrong.
  • Ocean's 12 (pending release) because damn they're all sexy.

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    Any words of warning or welcome?


    Blog ho said...

    I am an expert in so many things, i thought i'd drop some madness and info on you.

    The Incredibles: I laughed, I cried, but mostly cried because he's stuck in a dead end job and his wife is getting fat.

    The Ring 2: waste of time as the 1st one was a dong sucker.

    The Grudge: Saw it, want my money back. My wife liked it, though, so if you have a vagina--and i know you do--you might like it.

    The Life Aquatic: I tend to agree with you, but consider The Razor's Edge.

    National Treasure: Looks like another god damned Laura Croft movie. No thanks.

    Saw: could be good. looks gross.

    Blade Trinity: I sat through the first two of these stinkers, might as well watch the last one. The only thing good about them was Cris Christofferson, my only white friend.

    Series of Unfortunate Events: Those books drive me mad.

    Sky Captain: Saw it. Even the thought of riding Gwen "airplane style" didn't improve this movie much.

    Batman Begins: Has there been a good Batman movie?

    Ocean's 12: They are all sexy, but they're men, sweet P. Harry, stinky men.

    Kim said...

    Tell me those aren't all movies? I haven't heard of ANY of them...

    Anonymous said...

    Come one, when are you going to watch some grown up movies that actually have some depth to them ;-)

    Chief Wannahockaloogy said...

    When I...grow up.

    Lauren said...

    That was perhaps one of the gayest things i have ever read in my life! Maybe oneday someone will give you what you deserve , a slap across the face.

    Chief Wannahockaloogy said...

    Mom, I thought I asked you to stop reading my blog and quit judging me. I'm all grown up now... No, wait.

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    I was christened Wannahockaloogy by our tribal leader. He was a bitter old man with throat cancer who believed that, to truly hock a loogie, one must not retrieve the phlegm from the throat, but from the soul. His weakened, delirious state made it easy for me to overthrow him and seize control. Now, I am the chief and I have internet access. Beware, delirious smoking populace. Beware.