Monday, January 11, 2010

Do People With Cancer Watch Shows About People With Cancer For Fun?

I thought TV was supposed to be entertaining. Watching fictitious hardships is entertaining? Since when did we become a society of sadists.

Honestly, does Tom Hanks watch Lost because it reminds him of all the fun he had being stuck on an island? I doubt it. I doubt it because Tom Hanks is actually blind. He's that good of an actor. Blind people listen to audio books.

There's actually a comedy show called "Everybody Hates Chris" that retells the "hardships" endured by Chris Rock as a teenager. Did I mention Chris Rock endured racism as a teenager?

Either it's being canceled because the actor isn't a teenager anymore or the focus group that thought it would be entertaining was comprised of blindies. That's what I call blind people. Blindies. It's OK - blind people can't read blogs. Or don't read blogs. Or don't read this blog. Like everyone else. Bitches.

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