Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Partial Sensical

I'm driving in to work and I'm stuck in a thirty-minute traffic jam and I'm staring at the license place of this lumbering semi in front of me and it says "SEMI TRUCK".

Now, I know English isn't my first language, but doesn't "semi" mean "smaller version of," or "not completely"?

So I gets ta thinkin' 'bout how could this 53-foot-long, 100-inch-wide vehicle not be a complete truck?

Breaker, breaker. Any truckers out there wanna 'splain this one to me? The best I can figure, it's because it's made up of two (not one) parts - the cab and the "truck" itself.

And for the record, my handle is "Peanuts" (not PENIS).

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Blog ho said...

My handle? Envaginate. It's clinical.

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