Monday, January 17, 2005

Trivial Truth #3, #3a

I'm not a machine. Cyborg, perhaps. But science and morality have yet to reach an agreement on where that fine line lays. As for me, I'm an easy lay (Trivial Truth #3a).


kerrixx1 said...

An easy lay? But what do you look like? What size battery do you take??

aughra said...

I think he plugs into the fuse box in the basement, like the Electric Grandmother.;fc=1;ft=1

And his finger dispenses orange juice.

Blog ho said...

I think he'd plug into anything that let him. He tried to plug into me once, and it was then that I had to smack his white ass down.

Sharon said...

Now I could endorse the psychological background of the stripper, Chief.
But for a man to say he's an easy lay is kind of like a frog saying it hops a lot.
And I am cyborg, technically. Like Lindsay Wagner, minus the little crosshairs in the cornea to hone in on people. Or was that Steve Austin?
Steve was an easy lay too, btw.

Chief Wannahockaloogy said...

No, I know about Stevie. And you're right about men being easy lays. But in my case? Well, you're dead on. In fact, I'm laiyhg mysedlf ritht nopw.

Excuse the typos. My dominant hand was..."engaged." But we've since broken up (damn vagina tattoo keeps rubbing off).

Sharon said...

...well...any port in a storm. Right?

Blog ho said...

Certainly not an idea machine.

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