Friday, May 27, 2005

Arrogant Power Sucks

I was flipping through all twelve of my television channels last night (I'm too poor for full-blown cable) and one of them was showing a news briefing the President of the USA was giving to reporters about things in general - i.e. Iraq.

There he was: a grown, mature man - the most powerful man on earth - struggling to explain to other grown, mature, professional people the intricacies and complexities of seeding democracy around the world.

After about 2 minutes of him waving his hand and being flustered searching for big or even the right words, I blurted out "what an idiot" and changed the channel in disgust.

Democracy is a universal aspiration that defies economic conditions or phony cultural distinctions. But while the West can encourage political reform in the Middle East, it cannot impose change. If Western governments truly want the Arab world transformed, they must stop supporting Arab dictators and start respecting the will of the people.

- Chris Patten, "Democracy doesn't flow from the barrel of a gun"

I grow weary of the "arrogant power" the President and the Republicans in congress flaunt as they try to force their agenda down the throats of my country.

2008, please hurry.

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you need sci-fi.

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